Fire Alarm Technician
Bentley University
Waltham, Massachusetts 02452

Job Description

Bentley University

Bentley Campus

Job Description Summary
The physical demands of this position range from LIGHT to MEDIUM. This position involves installing, maintaining, repairing, and testing all campus fire detection and security systems. This includes periodic inspection and cleaning of detection and sounding devices as well as assist police and/or fire officials in emergency situations. These are completed in accordance with all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations and established schedules and procedures at Bentley University. Standing, walking, lifting, carrying and reaching are performed on a frequent to constant basis. Bending, pushing, pulling, climbing, kneeling and twisting are performed on an occasional to frequent basis. The heaviest physical demands are required during handling of furniture and heavier equipment, etc. These activities require handling of 25-50 pounds of load resistance on an occasional to frequent basis. Heavier tasks may require the assistance of (2) or more co-workers.

Essential Duties

Repairs, services and maintains all fire and security related systems on campus. Periodically cleans, tests, and conducts regular monthly system testing/inspecting of all fire detection equipment. Periodically cleans and tests all controls and field devices according to codes governing preventative maintenance of life safety equipment. Inspects, tests and cleans all system smokes, heats, duct smokes, local smokes, sounding devices and auxiliary type devices that are critical components of life safety warning systems. Installs new equipment and systems pertaining to fire or security systems. Conducts plans review. Conducts systems design for both the updating of old systems and the creation of new systems (along with manager). Works with outside contractors on projects as assigned. Maintains constant contact with University Police Dispatch and Manager of Life Safety/Emergency Response Services. This may be through radio or paging systems. Maintains confidentiality of records, wiring diagrams and other information pertinent to security systems. Responds to unfolding situations pertaining to any fire/security systems as assigned/dispatched in order to assist the University Police Officers (or Fire Department) responding to the situation. Offers assistance/repair as required. Reports on action taken and the repair efforts taken to correct the problem. Participates in training to keep and acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities to remain current with standard operational practices and revised standards. Reports building damages, malfunctioning equipment, needed maintenance and/or repairs in assigned work areas. Responds to emergency call-in situations. Interacts professionally with members of the Bentley community. Inputs data into the computerized work order system, recording time and work order information.

Other Duties

Investigates and reports on problems relating to vandalism, fire and trouble cases and dorm damage situations relating to equipment. Provides appropriate support in major campus activities including but not limited to: snow removal, freshman orientation, open house, opening/closing of school, baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate commencement. Follows proper clean-up and recycling procedures as well as observes all safety rules and regulations (including OSHA regulations) while handling and/or caring for Bentley tools and equipment, to avoid injury to self and others. May be required to assist other trades as directed by Facilities Manager. Performs all other related duties necessary to meet Facilities Management requirements.

Minimum Qualifications

A minimum of 2 years of experience in the field is required. High School diploma/GED plus technical school education required. Valid Massachusetts Class D electrical license. Must hold and maintain a valid, unrestricted United States driver's license, with an insurable driving history as determined by Bentley's insurance carrier. Will be required to drive a Bentley issued vehicle. Ability to troubleshoot problems to system, board, and filed device/wiring. Ability to interpret diagrams, plans, schematics, blueprints, and manufacturers' programming materials. Ability to utilize electrical, mechanical, and other tools required to perform job functions. Knowledge of electronic and electrical control circuitry, meters and repair shop techniques. Must be able to read, write and interpret documents in the English language, e.g. safety rules, material safety data sheets (MSDS), operating repair, installation and procedure instruction manuals. Must be able to effectively interact and communicate with co-workers and supervisors. Must be available for emergency call-in situations. Properly uses and cares for Bentley tools, radios and equipment. Must be physically able to perform the essential duties of the position as set forth in this Position Description..

Preferred Qualifications

Experience working with Edwards systems strongly preferred. Edwards certification preferred but not required.

Work Environment

May be exposed to seasonal temperature extremes, including occasional wet and slippery conditions. Occasionally working near moving mechanical parts is required. Close spaces, working at heights, and climbing both ladders and stairs should also be expected on an occasional to frequent basis. Noise levels may vary from moderate to occasionally high depending on the work situation.

Physical Requirements

Ability to squat, kneel and maintain bent postures from 5 minutes up to 10 minutes for a continuous duration, on an occasional to frequent basis. Ability to walk on level, uneven and inclined surfaces on a sustained basis and climb steps up to 24 steps and ladders up to 18-ft on an occasional to frequent basis. Ability to lift up to 25-pounds individually and up to 100-pounds with assistance, 0-72 inch height range, on an occasional to frequent basis. Ability to carry up to 25-pounds up to 100 yards on an occasional to frequent basis. Ability to push and pull against resistances up to 100-pounds on an occasional basis. Ability to extend reach with both arms, from floor level to overhead, handling up to 25-pounds on an occasional basis. Ability to manipulate small parts, machine and vehicle controls and various hand tools on a frequent basis. Safety glasses with side shields, goggles, latex and work gloves, and hearing protection, and fall protection may all be required depending on the job task. Bentley uniforms and safety shoes are required to be worn at all times while working (shoes in compliance with ANSI Z- 41.1).

Bentley University requires references checks and may conduct other pre-employment screening.


Bentley University strives to create a campus community that welcomes the exchange of ideas, and fosters a culture that values differences and views them as a strength in our community.

Bentley University is an Equal Opportunity Employer, building strength through diversity. The University is committed to building a community of talented students, faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of global business. We strongly encourage applications from persons from underrepresented groups, individuals with disabilities, covered veterans and those with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

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Preferred Years Of Experience:

2 Year(s)

Education Required:

High School

Employment/Position Type:

Full Time
Date Posted : 11/04/2021